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Feedback and Testimonials…

  • “It’s really hard to find good quality educational Tantric videos. I bought one of your DVD’s, and within 3 days got the rest. Thank you for putting these ideas across in a simple, easy to understand way. They’ve made such a difference to our relationship.”

    - Educational and fun
  • ‘There were so many parts to last night but my personal first thoughts/experience include that fact that I feel more open to and in touch with my senses… the sight and touch of the bath water running this morning, the cool breeze on my cheek this morning, I actually FELT my heart physically today, it felt full and big and ‘there’!

    I am more ‘in tune’ today and I was present with my daughter this afternoon without feeling the need to rush on to the next thing.

    I saw myself last night. I gained a few insights, some still percolating, some as clear as if I’ve had them before.’

    - I felt my heart physically today
  • ‘ Since the workshop I have found myself in a ‘new place’, not really a ‘high’ as such but a sense of openness, excitement, a feeling of being washed clean, expectation, a greater appreciation and enjoyment of all things, more settled in myself and it has widened my capacity to receive.

    This gift of giving, this expression of love in such an open, deep, honest and raw form is like the glue that holds everything together. The strength from which we can draw from to go on and love in return, conquer and create, nurture and grow. ‘

    - Conquer and create, nurture and grow