Wild Dolphin retreats in Ponta Malongane Mozambique

Explore the wonderful dolphin coast of Southern Mozambique.
For more information on the friendly local and resident dolphins you may encounter on your visit, please click dolphins
Halo Gaia is honored to collaborate with renowned Guest facilitator Jonti Searll, a masters in his field of
expertise. For more information on Southern Mozambique’s eco–tourism / Green & Conscious Travel and Southern Mozambique border crossings requirements and other useful-friendly information, please click swimming with dolphins


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Feedback and Testimonials…

  • ‘I just want to say thank you for the videos as it opens our minds to a whole new way of thinking about sex and sensuality and the difference thereof or how to combine it. We are open minded and have no problem to explore and play with each other or others, although I think the communication and creativity is something we will definitely want to work on as well. What I do specifically like about these videos is that it shows and explains us how to start and the different techniques or reminds us what one can do and helped me to think about new techniques and strokes I want to try – instead of the same thing over and over again – and also the videos does it in a very relaxing
    and not feeling embarrassed way.

    We are so keen to watch all the other vids together and cannot wait to try some of this at the next available quiet time we have. Hopefully that will be very soon :-)’.

    - Thank you
  • “It’s really hard to find good quality educational Tantric videos. I bought one of your DVD’s, and within 3 days got the rest. Thank you for putting these ideas across in a simple, easy to understand way. They’ve made such a difference to our relationship.”

    - Educational and fun
  • ‘Last night, when most of you were still at the office, or at home cooking supper, or getting the kids off to bed, I was taken on a journey to somewhere very special; my lovely fiancé took me on a sensual water experience. With us, other couples were also “exploring their sensual, intimate connection”, but there were some singles looking to “broaden their horizons” or “have a healing experience”. Although there was some talk of the warm water (approx. 37’C) being reminiscent of the womb, until I immersed my body I couldn’t have said how incredibly sensual, tranquil and safe the water could make me feel. And ‘safe’ is the operative word because that’s the ethos within the space, and it’s protected closely so that we could each surrender. The arena was provided but the experience was created by each of us, to the extent that the individuals would allow; and I allowed! The demands and schedules of the real world were, for a couple of hours, suspended while I treated myself to freedom.
    How willing would you be to experience the same?’

    - A journey to somewhere special…