Wild Dolphin retreats in Ponta Malongane Mozambique

Explore the wonderful dolphin coast of Southern Mozambique.
For more information on the friendly local and resident dolphins you may encounter on your visit, please click dolphins
Halo Gaia is honored to collaborate with renowned Guest facilitator Jonti Searll, a masters in his field of
expertise. For more information on Southern Mozambique’s eco–tourism / Green & Conscious Travel and Southern Mozambique border crossings requirements and other useful-friendly information, please click swimming with dolphins


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Feedback and Testimonials…

  • ‘There were so many parts to last night but my personal first thoughts/experience include that fact that I feel more open to and in touch with my senses… the sight and touch of the bath water running this morning, the cool breeze on my cheek this morning, I actually FELT my heart physically today, it felt full and big and ‘there’!

    I am more ‘in tune’ today and I was present with my daughter this afternoon without feeling the need to rush on to the next thing.

    I saw myself last night. I gained a few insights, some still percolating, some as clear as if I’ve had them before.’

    - I felt my heart physically today
  • ‘Just to let you know, I watched the Expanded Orgasm and the Ultimate Blow Job videos and practiced the advice given on a dildo to perfect my techniques. I am now in a relationship and I have applied this knowledge on my man and what a difference to has made to our sex life! I feel empowered and confident sexually which was not the case previously and I feel like a Goddess in the bedroom. The feedback I have received from him is that he has never experienced anything like this before! He has enjoyed multiple orgasms which has been a first for him and I have enjoyed being the source of so much pleasure for him. I am beyond grateful for the work you have done and I am so excited to continue this journey of exploration into pleasure by attending your workshops and increasing my video collection.’

    - Expanded Orgasm
  • ‘A TRUE AWAKENING ……. A journey of healing, transformation and discovery like no other I have known …. So many years of courses, seminars and alternative healing work and yet, I did not realise that my body was still being suffocated by old blockages and limiting beliefs ….. Now, my body is finally allowed to speak and has broken free from all the limits I have imposed on it …… My mind is finally open to listening to my body’s needs without judgement or restriction ….. My heart is truly opening and no longer lives in a prison of fear and denial ……. My soul is beautifully free and allowing me to be all that I can be ………………. A journey guided by the gentlest of Masters as I discover and embrace my true feminine power in a sanctuary of wisdom and safety ………………. A spiritual haven to explore my true sensuality in a conscious and empowering manner – My Being rejoices in true gratitude for the day I took that step into my true awakening …… Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear gentle Master Jonti.’

    - A true awakening