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Feedback and Testimonials…

  • ‘Well for one, you are never too old to learn new tricks. I did not know half the stuff till last night. It was exciting, the entire workshop, demonstration and further events had us as a couple take our “exploring” to a much higher level. I’ve never thought we would have such fun and play the way we did. I feel we have grown from the experience as a couple and definitely reached a whole new trill of excitement hardly containable today.

    β€˜It truly is a safe and relaxing environment to explore in and the workshop was fun. The way everyone joked and laughed, relaxed us very quickly. The fact that you made each take their turn to answer your questions, forced us personally to shake the shyness and get involved.’

    - Safe and relaxing environment
  • β€˜I just want to say thank you for the videos as it opens our minds to a whole new way of thinking about sex and sensuality and the difference thereof or how to combine it. We are open minded and have no problem to explore and play with each other or others, although I think the communication and creativity is something we will definitely want to work on as well. What I do specifically like about these videos is that it shows and explains us how to start and the different techniques or reminds us what one can do and helped me to think about new techniques and strokes I want to try – instead of the same thing over and over again – and also the videos does it in a very relaxing
    and not feeling embarrassed way.

    We are so keen to watch all the other vids together and cannot wait to try some of this at the next available quiet time we have. Hopefully that will be very soon :-)’.

    - Thank you
  • ‘Like Pandora’s box… That is how Friday night’s Awakening The Erotic Spirit Workshop was anticipated. And the evening live up to that expectation. The Workshop had so many different facets, each a wonderful (and some delicious) experience in its own. Each challenged your comfort zone and moving our boundaries. All of the senses were tantalised and woken up in a safe and non-judgemental environment.’

    - Pandora’s Box